lando-was-here: Hey what's up my name is Lando. I'm an aspiring RnB artist from Brooklyn, New York. I recently released a brand new original record entitled "The Betrayal." I would love it if you'd pass by through my page and give it a listen. All feedback is welcomed, & greatly appreciated. Also if you like what you hear be sure to hit the like button on the top of my page. Doing so will help me greatly. Thank you for your time, & support in furthering my musical career. I hope to hear back from you soon.

I don’t think I saw this until today, but bro I really dig your music, reminiscent of The Weeknd (if that offended you I’m sorry). Also I liked your page on Facebook, hope you get the recognition you deserve man!

Anonymous: Do Scooby got a booty? Scooby dooby dooby doooooooooooooooooooooooo

Scooby booty dooby doo has the fattest booty in all the nine realms,

Anonymous: Can Wendy's offer me exquisite chicken breast tenders or should I stick to Popeye's eye poppin' flavorful breasteses?

Unfortunately Wendy’s does not offer chicken tenders though I’ve heard legends of Wendy’s once upon a time offering popcorn chicken. In the meantime have some chicken nuggers

Anonymous: Do Wendy got a booty

I wish I could’ve seen these sooner but I didn’t see the red 1 next to the envelope tumblr be triflin. Wendy indeed has booty, she just doesn’t like to show off

Anonymous: Whale vomit expedition or nah

I never saw these until now, I’ll holla at cha if my schedule permits such nonsense